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ImageItem No.Item Name
view detail 110021 Tile Cutter 24in Premium Quality Professional

view detail 110059 Tile Cutter 64in (1600mm) Pro HD
Tile Cutter 64in (1600mm) Pro HDPremium Aluminum Base w/singlerail and curved handle, extensionarms (2pcs/outer carton)

view detail 110152 Tile Spacers 5/32in Hollow Type (4x28x3.5mm) 500pc/Jar Bucket (TBD)

view detail 110155 Lippage Small Spacer Curve Base (L75xW14xT1.8mm) 100pc/bag (TBD)

view detail 110156 Lippage Large Spacer Curve Base (L108xW11xT1.8mm) 100pc/bag

view detail 110170 Lippage Small Cap (40x11x15mm) 50pc/bag

view detail 110171 Lippage Big Cap (80x20x15mm) 50pc/bag

view detail 110172 Lippage Starter Kit (Small Cap 30pc/bag & Small Spacer 30pc/bag)

view detail 110192 Tile Leveling System Floor Pliers

view detail 110407 Tile Cutting Wheel 13 x 3 x 3mm for item 110021

view detail 120027 Pruning Saw 14in 3Way Tooth Design
Pruning Saw 14in 3T Design with Wood Handle

view detail 120089 Drywall Hand Sander 6.5in

view detail 120391 Grout Clean Washing Set (24lt bucket w/wheels Twin Wash Rollers & Hydro Sponge Float w/TPR Soft G)

view detail 121011 Mud Mixer Hexagonal Shaft 28inX3/8in

view detail 122025 Heavy Duty Spike Roller 50x11cm

view detail 122161 Spreader 9in 1/32inx1/16inx1/32in U Notch

view detail 122162 Spreader 9in 3/32inx3/32inx3/32in V Notch

view detail 122163 Spreader 9in 1/32inx1/32inx1/32in

view detail 122164 Spreader 9in 1/16inx1/16inx3x32in

view detail 122165 Spreader 9in 1/16inx1/16inx1/16in Sq Notch

view detail 122166 Spreader 9in 1/8inx1/8inx1/8in V Notch

view detail 122167 Spreader 9in 1/16inx3/32in

view detail 122168 Spreader 9in 1/8inx1/8in

view detail 122169 Spreader 9in ¼inx¼inx¼in Sq Notch

view detail 122170 Spreader 9in 3/8inx¼inx¼in Sq Notch